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POF cable

Polymeric optical fibers (POF) are optical fibers made of plastic that are primarily used for data transmission in the home network and in industry.
POF cables transport data via visible light and are immune to electromagnetic fields.

Indoor cable POF 1/2,2mm simplex PE outer sheath black

Item no.: 512P10000101

Indoor cable POF 1/2,2×4,4mm duplex PE outer sheath black

Item no.: 512P10000201

Indoor cable POF 1/2,2/3,6mm Sercos simplex PUR outer jacket red

Item no.: 512P10000103

Indoor cable POF 1/1,5/2,3mm simplex PA outer sheath green

Item No.: 512P10000110

Indoor cable POF duplex 2x 1/2,2mm PE, outer sheath 6mm PUR red

Item no.: 512P10000204

Indoor cable POF 1.5/1.75mm simplex

Item no.: 512M15000101

Indoor cable POF 1/2,2mm simplex PVC outer sheath grey

Item no. 512P10000122

Picture guide POF 1.5/1.75

Imaging bundle fiber

Indoor cable POF without jacket
Available in 0,5mm – 3 mm
Other fiber diameters on request

Indoor cable POF 2/2,7mm simplex, PE
outer sheath black
Item no.: 512P20000101

HCS/ PCF cable

HCS (hard clad silica) or PCF (polymer cladded fiber) fibers are glass fibers with a core and cladding diameter of 200/230μm. Due to their particularly low attenuation of <10 dB/km at 650nm, the fibers can be used for an extended working range of POF.
They are plastic-coated and extremely resistant to dirt, dust and strong mechanical stress during installation and operation.

Indoor cable HCS 200/230µm simplex PVC outer sheath 2,2mm orange
Item no.: 512H02300101

Indoor cable HCS 200/230µm duplex solid wire, cable jacket 3,9 x 6,8mm orange
I-V (ZN) HH2K 200/230
Item no.: 512H02300202

HCS-Military Breakout cable duplex 200/230µm 2mm solid wire, cable sheath 7,8mm black, UV, water and rot resistant
Item no.: 512H02300208

Fiber optic cable

Glass fibers / Glass optical fiber (GOF) are transmission media for data communication.

The glass fiber consists of a thin cylindrical fiber of quartz glass (SiO2), the core glass and the cladding glass around the core glass, which is also made of high-purity quartz glass. The glass fiber is protected by a coating which is applied over a layer of lacquer a few micrometers thick.


Glass fiber is characterized by high bandwidth, low attenuation and relatively good resistance to passive and active attacks. These include in particular resistance to electromagnetic interference (interference fields from machines, switches, lightning, transmitters, etc.) and light influences. The transferable data rates are many times higher than with copper wires.

Indoor cable glass 50/125µm simplex, outer sheath 2,8mm green

Indoor cable glass 62,5/125µm simplex, outer sheath 2,8mm orange

Indoor cable glass 62,5/125µm duplex, outer sheath 2,8 x 5,6mm orange
Item no.: 512G00620201

Hybrid Cable

The hybrid cable is a special type of data cable. It consists of two different glass fibers.
Hybrid cables can be used in the campus area and in price backbones, where single-mode fibers and multimode fibers are used.

Hybrid cable glass, 2x 62.5/100µm + 10x 0.25mm; stranded wire, 10mm outer diameter

Hybrid cable POF, 6x CU strand, 1x POF 1/2,2mm PE

Electric cables

An electrical line is a system for transporting electrical energy and signal transmission in wired communications engineering and wired high-frequency technology.

Customized electrical cables, also available as a assembled cable

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Continuous outstanding quality

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Fast processing speed

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