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Connector type POF 980/1000 µm PCS 200/230 µm Multimode glass 50/125 µm 62,5/ 125 µm Singlemode glass 9/125 µm
F-SMA yes yes yes no
F-ST yes yes yes no
SC yes yes yes yes
SC-RJ yes yes yes yes
LC no on request yes yes
FC yes yes yes yes
HFBR simplex yes yes no no
HFBR duplex yes yes no no
F-05 (TOSLINK) yes on request no no
F-07 (TOSLINK) yes on request no no
CECC 78 001-801 yes yes on request no
Lens connector on request on request on request on request
Customer specific on request on request on request on request
Connectors with special bore bores from 100 – 950 µm bores from 100 – 950 µm bores from 100 – 950 µm bores from 100 – 950 µm

F-SMA (fiber sub-miniature assembly)

F-SMA connectors are designed for high frequency applications. In the existing design, which is characterized by the hexagon nut, the fiber mount was incorporated with a 3.175 mm ferrule made of stainless steel (or ceramic). The connector is not twist-proof and the fibers of two connectors cannot be brought into physical contact. Therefore, a so-called face-to-face contact is created between the ferrules without the fiber end faces touching.

F-SMA connectors for 1/2.2mm POF incl. dust protection cap; are available with bend relief (black or red) and knurled or hexagonal union nut. Item no.: 514SM1050–

F-ST (fiber straight tip)

The F-ST connector has a bayonet lock and is often used in local area networks (LAN). The plug housing is made of metal or plastic and the 2.5 mm ferrule is made of ceramic or metal. This connector is suitable for both single mode and multimode fibers.

F-ST connectors for 1mm POF Standard with dust protection cap, bend relief is also available. Item no.: 514ST1050–

F-ST connector for multimode glass fibers with zirconia ferrule (for 50/125µm or 62.5/125µm). Standard with dust protection cap, crimp sleeve and bend protection sleeve. Item no.: 514ST012701

HFBR Connectors

HFBR connectors are fiber optic connectors for plastic, polymer and HCS fibers. This means for optical fibers whose core or cladding material is made of plastic. HFBR connectors can be selected according to their locking mechanism, according to simplex and duplex designs, according to different diameters and the length of the optical fiber. The HFBR connector has been specially developed for rugged use in industrial plants and factory automation. They can be used for board-to-board, rack-to-rack connections or for proprietary local area networks. They are easy to install, relatively temperature resistant and can be used wherever there are strong mechanical stresses due to torsion and vibration.

HFBR-simplex connectors of type 4501 for 1mm POF with crimp ring – Item no.: 514HF100001

HFBR-simplex connectors of type 4511 for 1mm POF with crimp ring – Item no.: 514HF100011

HFBR-simplex connectors of type 4503 for 1mm POF with latching and crimp ring – Item no.: 514HF100003

HFBR-simplex connectors of type 4513 for 1mm POF with latching and crimp ring – Item no.: 514HF100013

HFBR-duplex connector of type 4506 for 1mm POF with latching and crimp ring – Item no.: 514HF100006

HFBR compatible connector for 1mm POF. Special design with sealing rings, IP65. Assembly with clamping slide, without crimp tools.

HFBR-simplex connector of type 4521 for 200/230µm HCS-fiber – Item no.: 514HF100021

F-05 Connectors

The F05 connector is a fiber optic simplex connector for polymer fibers. In the duplex version it is called F07 connector. It is black and suitable for polymer fibers with a fiber diameter of 1000 µm. The F05 connector is used in TOSlink and in the cabling of entertainment devices and in home cabling.

F05 POF connector simplex black for 1/2,2mm POF, incl. dust protection cap – Item no.: 514F5105001

MOST Ferrule

The brass ferrule for MOST cables is suitable for customer-specific cabling, automotive networks and repairs. For crimping a special 4-Ident-MOST crimping tool is required to position and hold the ferrule in place.

MOST ferrule for automotive applications, suitable for MOST fibers 1/1.5/2.3mm – Item no.: 514MI155001

Customer specific connectors

Whether for medical technology, for industry or for data transmission. Fiber optic components are the central connecting link. If you tell us what you need, we will be happy to take care of it.

Customized socket contact multimode for 50-62.5/125µm fiber

Customized pin contact multimode for 50-62.5/125µm fiber

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Fast processing speed

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