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Some of our customers require specific tools to be able to carry out on-site assembly. For this purpose, we provide an extensive portfolio of processing tools.

are available:

– crimping pliers
– Cutting forceps (POF)
– Cable Stripper
– Kevlar shears
– Polishing wheels
– Polishing foils
– Fiber Scoring Tools
– Adhesives for POF and glass fibers

Polishing wheels

Polishing wheel for F-05 / TOCP155 connectors
Item no.: 516PSF50001

Polishing wheel for F-SMA connectors
Item no.: 516PSSM0001

Polishing wheel for F-ST connectors
Item no.: 516PSST0001

Fiber stripper

Fiber stripper for
125µm glass fibers
Item no.: 516AB018001

Fiber stripper 0.3 mm for
200/230µm HCS fibers
Item no.: 516AB030001

Fiber stripper 1.0 mm for
1/2,2mm POF fibers
Item no.: 516AB100001

Stripping Pliers

Fiber stripping pliers for POF 1/2.2mm, must 1/1.5/2.3mm, very suitable for PA outer sheath
Item no.: 516AZ100001

Crimping Pliers

Four mandrel crimping pliers for POF Ø 2.2 mm

pliers can be adapted for different crimp contacts by 4 locators
Item no.: 516CZ4K0001

POF Cutting Pliers

POF cutter for POF Ø 1/2.2 mm fiber
Available with manual or automatic blade feed, simplex and duplex fibers, including stripping function

Continuous outstanding quality

We at Pofnetz GmbH always ensure that our products have an outstanding quality.

Continuous outstanding quality

Excellent products can only be achieved with high quality planning and production. That is why we focus on the quality of every step in the process.

Fast processing speed

Our processing speed is above average at all times. We save valuable time for us and our customers.

Fast processing speed

We at Pofnetz attach great importance to a fast processing time. Our processing speed is above average at all times. We always deliver on time to save valuable time for us and our customers.

Uncompromising customer orientation

The satisfaction of our customers has highest priority at Pofnetz. This is why we always provide detailed advice.

Uncompromising customer orientation

We offer excellent services in the fields of development, planning and production. Customer satisfaction is our greatest goal.

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