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Fiber optic cables have long been used as a transmission medium in industry.
As with electrical cables, the design and materials depend on the respective Intended use of the cables. Beside standard cables also customized cables can be delivered. We work together with leading cable manufacturers in Europe.

Type of cable POF 980/1000µm PCS /PCF 200/230µm Multimode glass 50/125µm 62,5/125µm Singlemode glass 9/125µm
Single core yes yes yes yes
Duplex core yes no no yes
Single cable yes yes yes yes
Duplex Figure 8 yes yes yes yes
Duplex Figure 0 yes yes yes yes
Duplex rund yes no no yes
Breakout indoor cable yes, up to 8 cores yes yes yes
Breakout outdoor cable yes, up to 8 cores yes yes yes
Breakout MIL yes yes yes
Hollow core outdoor cable on request yes yes
Hollow core underground cable no on request yes
Hybrid cable yes yes on request yes
MOST yes
SERCOS 3,6 mm yes
SERCOS 6 mm yes
Customer specific on request on request on request on request

Technical advice on product selection

There are five main types of application areas:

1. Indoor installation

Indoor cables for moderate temperature ranges (industry standard) and without UV exposure

2. Outdoor installation

Outdoor cables for extended temperature range and UV exposure for open installation or in cable ducts/shafts

3. Outdoor installation

Outdoor cables for extended temperature ranges and UV-load for hanging from pole to pole (not available from POFNETZ)

4. Underground installation

Underground cable for direct laying in the ground

5. Military

MIL-cable for extreme temperature ranges, tensile loads and transverse pressure

The following versions are usually used

  • Single strands → a fiber with additional protective jacket

  • Duplex cores → two fibers with connected protective sheath (only for POF: tearable)

  • Single cable → single core with strain relief (Kevlar) and outer sheath

  • Duplex cable (Figure 8) → two connected single cables (tearable)

  • Duplex cable (Figure 0) → two single cables with common outer sheath

  • Duplex cable round → two single wires with strain relief and outer sheath (POF)

  • Breakout cable → cable with two or more individual cables in a common outer sheath and additional strain relief. Copper wires can be combined.

  • Hollow core cable → cable with one or more tubes for up to 16 fibers and strain relief

Underground cables and outdoor cables are usually designed as hollow core cables and equipped with additional rodent protection. MIL-cables are mostly used as breakout cables because they are flexible enough for use on cable drums.

Breakout and duplex versions are usually used for indoor applications. For certain applications, cable designs have been defined by appropriate committees (such as SERCOS, DESINA, MOST, etc.).

Advantages of the LWL technology

  • Interference-free data transmission

  • No electromagnetic radiation (electro-smog)

  • Insensitive to electromagnetic radiation (electro-smog)

  • Reduced cable and fiber dimensions

  • Galvanic isolation

  • High electric strength of the light guide

  • Can be combined with copper cables (→ Hybrid cables)

  • Higher bandwidths than with copper cables

  • Higher ranges than copper lines (lower line attenuation)

  • Reduced energy consumption

Additional advantages of the POF (Polymer Optical Fiber):

  • High mechanical tensile strength
  • High mechanical flexural strength (real bending resistant fibers)
  • Bending cycles > 1 million are possible.
  • Low bending attenuation with multi-core fibers for bending radii up to 2mm

  • Simple assembly techniques with and without connectors

  • Can be used with visible red light (650nm) or green light (520nm) for visual control of the system function

Continuous outstanding quality

We at Pofnetz GmbH always ensure that our products have an outstanding quality.

Continuous outstanding quality

Excellent products can only be achieved with high quality planning and production. That is why we focus on the quality of every step in the process.

Fast processing speed

Our processing speed is above average at all times. We save valuable time for us and our customers.

Fast processing speed

We at Pofnetz attach great importance to a fast processing time. Our processing speed is above average at all times. We always deliver on time to save valuable time for us and our customers.

Uncompromising customer orientation

The satisfaction of our customers has highest priority at Pofnetz. This is why we always provide detailed advice.

Uncompromising customer orientation

We offer excellent services in the fields of development, planning and production. Customer satisfaction is our greatest goal.

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